Am I safe to Exercise?

1For most people living with diabetes exercise makes sense. If you are planning to take up regular exercise for the first time you might want to discuss this with your diabetes specialist team. You need to think about:


  • Are you above 35 years old and/or
  • Have had diabetes for more than 10 years and/or
  • Smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a family history of heart problems and/or
  • Have diabetes complications affecting the eyes, kidneys, nervous system or large blood vessels


then discuss your exercise plans with the team – they are not necessarily going to say don’t do it but they can help plan the type, intensity and duration of exercise that will be best for you.


People with diabetes also need to think about their feet. This is especially important if you have problems with loss of feeling or changes in the shape of your feet. Best to look at your feet before and after exercise to make sure there are no cuts or bruises or athletes foot. During exercise wear cotton socks and treat yourself to a great pair of trainers that fit well. Keep your feet clean and dry!