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An adventure in the life of Type 1 Diabetes

the climb


In 2013 a group of 12 people all with type 1 diabetes from around the world went off on an adventure to put themselves, their diabetes and their diabetes management skills to the test!


They trekked up the 5895 metres of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is probably fair to say that most of them are pretty fit and active anyway (at least the 2 that I know are!) but this was a real challenge dealing with exercise, altitude and the elements.


Fortunately for them no-one failed to finish because of their diabetes but they had many, many challenges on the way…and not just diabetes!


They kept a blog on the way up and recorded their adventure on Youtube and Mike’s reported it for The Toronto Sun, Canada. Being able to manage diabetes whilst exercising opens up a few more doors to having adventures and being able to achieve goals to its full potential.