Adjusting basal insulin on a pump

IMG_3774This method can be very useful if the exercise is prolonged, for example golf or going for a long walk or if eating a couple of hours before exercise is a challenge eg. First thing in the morning.


The insulin going into the body from a pump can take upto a few hours to actually start working so to use this method the basal rate needs to be reduced about 90 minutes before exercise starts. Also, the reduced basal rate should be continued throughout the exercise and until about 90 minutes after the end of exercise (this is to reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia after exercise).

How much to reduce the rate down by is a little more tricky and should be based on experience of previous exercise patterns!


The maximum reduction would be 50% as too little insulin in the body can be dangerous. Try starting with a 50% reduction but keeping a careful check on the blood sugar and then next time changing the percentage reduction.